Qpower Single 12" Sealed QBOMB

Qpower Single 12" Sealed QBOMB

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*Has outer carton*
This is a single sealed square enclosure for (1) 12"; woofer.
Enclosure uses Spray-on Black Bedliner Poly Coating
";Q BOMB"; is etched in the top of the box

16";W X 13.25";H X 16"; D
Cubic air space = 1.30 cu. ft.
Mounting depth is 14";

PROBOX Equiv. = 112HB

can be shipped UPS.

NOTE: As of 5-5-15 QPower has made a running change to these enclosures. They used to have an angled front but now these enclosures are completely square with no angles.

CM 8-2-12