Omega Flashable By-Pass and Canbus Module 64K
Omega Flashable By-Pass and Canbus Module 64K

Omega Flashable By-Pass and Canbus Module 64K

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General Features:

Universal, web-programmable 64-bit immobilizer bypass/doorlock interface cartridge w/CAN support
The ultimate in remote start & security integration
Seamless data connectivity with select Omega remote starters
Web programmable with Omegalink Loader cable, required and sold separately
Downloadable Software
RS232 Communication
RS232 2-WAY Compatibility
Feature Selection
DRONE Data Gateway

Immobilizer Bypass:

Key Cloning Required
2 step learn process (PC required)
Data Immobilizer Bypass
Key Cloning Optional

Keyless Access:

Door Lock
Priority Unlock
Door Unlock
Trunk/Hatch Release
Power Liftgate
Tailgate Window Release
Power Sliding Door (L)
Power Sliding Door (R)
Gas Tank Flap Release


Encrypted GWR Output
Arm OEM Alarm
Disarm OEM Alarm
After Market Alarm Ctrl from OEM remotes
Door Stat Output
Trunk Stat Output
Horn Ctrl
Panic Mode
Secure Take Over


Rear Defrost Ctrl
Heated Seats Ctrl
Cooling Seats Ctrl

Remote Start:

Hood Stat Output
Tachometer Output
Glow Plugs Stat
Relay Ctrl for Optional ADS-RNG
Brake Pedal Stat Output
Brake Pedal Ctrl
E-Brake Output
VSS Status
RAP Shutdown Ctrl
OEM Remote Starter Ctrl
Data/MUX Accessory Ctrl
Data/MUX Ignition Ctrl
Data/MUX Starter Ctrl
Ignition Status


Parking Light Ctrl
Puddle Light Ctrl
Comfort Closure Windows Roll Down
Comfort Closure Windows Roll Up
Fuel Level Info
Mileage Info
VIN Info
Engine Temp Stat
Automated Take Over


Engine DTC Info
Battery Voltage Info


Only compatible with Blade Compatible Alarms/Remote Starts: